~ RGTTC club's FAG ~

1. What exactly is the RGTTC?

- It is a Rhymic Gymnastics Tapes Trading Club.  I found out that old RGTTC isn't in Inet now, so I decided to create mine online-club, where members can trade for the RG tapes. Membership in the club is free. When you join the club, your list is added to the main pages alphabetically by last name. Members trade tapes among themselves and/or pay costs for tapes. 

2. Do I need to have a large tape collection to join the RGTTC?

- No, you do not need to have a large tape collection to join. The purpose of this club is so that people can build up their collections and/or get competitions that they missed. Size of your collection is not important

3. I just want one or two competitions. Do I have to join the club?

- No, you do not. In fact, I would prefer that you not join if you are only looking for one or two comps. The way to go about this is to send me an e-mail letting me know what you are looking for and whether you want to pay costs or trade. If you wish to trade, include the competitions that you have or a link to your competitions. I will send your request to all the club members and if one of them is interested in helping you out, they will e-mail you personally.

4. I want to leave the club temporairily. Can you still keep me on the club mailing list?

- Yes. I always keep the "temps" on the mailing list unless they specifically request to be taken off of it. People who leave temporairily usually like to keep up with the club news.

5. I haven't received tapes from person X and s/he claims they were sent out awhile ago.

- If someone claims that they sent you tapes and you have not received them, it may be that the tapes were lost in the mail. This happens sometimes. If this is the case, request another set of tapes be sent registered mail. I had this happen to me once and the person was happy to send me another set of tapes. I would like to think that in this sort of mix-up, the person would send the tapes again.

6. Is there a certain age requirement to be in the RGTTC? If so, why?

- No, there is not a certain age requirement at this time.

7. How often do you make tape updates?

- I'll make tape updates once a week. I try and make them more often

8. I used the Join the Club Form to sign up as a new member. When will I be added?

- It won't take a lot to add you. If I amn't busy and/or I am on a competition or busy days of trainings, it will take longer.  

I very much appreciate the patience of new members waiting to be added. I am looking at software right now that would allow new members and current members to add themselves and make their own updates. Until then, hang in there with me and you will eventually be added to the club:)

9. Can you put here my own tape page link and will I be considered a member of RGTTC then?

- If you would like to maintain your own tape page and simply have it linked on the GTTC, you may do so. Please understand that you are still considered a member of the club even if you maintain your own page.

10. How do I make the changes in my list?

Once you are a member of the club and you want to make additions/deletions/changes to your tape page please remember the following:

10. RGTTC Rules that Lida feels are important for you to know:

- If someone complains about you, I will e-mail you one time and one time only to let you know of the complaint. If you do not e-mail me or the person who complained about you AND if you do not send the tapes in a reasonable amount of time - I am giving two weeks for this, you will be removed from the club and placed on the tape cheater list.

If you have some problems completing the tape trade such as: vcr broke down, the tape was returned to you after you sent it, you've been taken hostage by frantic gym lovers who then stole all your tapes, please let the person you are trading with know what the problem is and when you will be able to complete the trade.

I hope you have fun with this club. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions.

(c) Lida Vinogradna (many thanks to Shelley for the idea)